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Philosophie, Sturm und Drang
,,Habe Mut dich deines eigenen Verstandes zu bedienen!"

Was wollte der Philosoph des Abendlandes uns über die Aufklärung sagen? Finde hier heraus!

Physics, Cars, Engeneering
Electric Cars

Ever wondered how an electric car works in detail? In this post I'm going to explain the basics, you need to know when it comes to talking about electric cars.

Literature, Physics, Future
Isaac Asimov's best short stories

Isaac Asimov was an aspiering writer. In this post we present two of his best works, "The last question" and "Nightfall".

Physics, Maths, New
Particle Physics

Basic Introduction to particle physics.

Politics, New, Philosophy
Das Generationsparadox

,,Nach uns die Sintflut!"- Forderungen zu einem notwendigen Umdenken

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