Electric Cars

by lars on the 2019-03-01

Physics, Cars, Engeneering

Ever wondered how an electric car works in detail? In this post I'm going to explain the basics, you need to know when it comes to talking about electric cars.

Source: http://www.e-carworld.de/images/Grafik1.jpg

This picture shows the basic structure of the car. Through the car is a high voltage connection(Hochvoltleitungen) between the battery(Akkupack), the motor and the Power Electronics(Leistungselektronik).

The Car has an energy efficiency of around 95%. That's because of a method used in electric cars called recuperation. Recuperation uses the car as a dynamo to get energy while also slowing down. Its practically a huge dynamo getting back energy while slowing the car. This energy then gets put back into the main battery, where it can be reused.

Power electronics is for managing the cars energy levels in different areas of the car. The computer, for example, needs lower voltage power from the battery, while the motor needs definitely more voltage.

Source: https://praxistipps-images.chip.de/[...]

The electronic motor is the heart of the vehicle. It is essentially a big magnet inside being spun by several stator magnets from around.

Finally, the Battery holds all of the car's energy in a large Lithium-Ion battery pack. Lithium-Ion batteries are the most efficient chemical batteries. They can be charged to 80% power in 30 minutes at quick charging stations, or at home but in a time span of several hours.


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